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Medical technology is advancing rapidly in the field of women’s health. New medications, treatments and procedures are constantly being developed, opening up unprecedented possibilities for known maladies. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations is key to ensuring that we can offer the most effective and suitable advice in every situation.

Rabbi Melber and Tahareinu’s senior team regularly attend conferences internationally, gleaning the latest updates in all fields of gynecology and fertility. They meet with world-renowned experts in each sub-specialty, gaining insights into their research and experience as well as their unique methods of treatment.

Some of the conferences attended over the last year include:

ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine – ANNUAL CONFERENCE
– Oct 2018, Denver

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Conference
– June 2018 Madrid, Spain

Premature Ovarian Failure/ Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Conference in Tel Aviv
– Dec 2017

Israel Fertility Association (Ayala) Conference
– May 2018

Endoscopic gynecology conference at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv
– July 2018

IVF Conference in Tel Aviv
– June 2018


Rabbi Melber is a member of the Women’s health Council in Israel and tirelessly advocates on behalf of Jewish women. Some of his recent projects include trying to facilitate the approval of insurance coverage for women with endometriosis who wish to freeze oocytes. He is also working to advocate for patients with primary ovarian insufficiency and premature ovarian failure.
Rabbi Melber recently discussed Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) at the Knesset, explaining how severely it affects a couple both on a practical and psychological level. Currently, ladies suffering from HG in pregnancy often end up unemployed for a number of months. Rabbi Melber proposed that the government provide funding for these women. The Knesset will consider this idea over the next few months.


Israel Health Ministry Medical and Jewish Literature Award

Ministry of Health’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Services